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Course open, no restrictions. Membership available , currently no waiting list or joining fee. Updated: 19th Jul 2024

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Etiquette & Dress Code

Grim’s Dyke Golf Club brings to the attention of all visitors the standard of dress, equipment and behaviour required of persons attending the club.

Mobile Telephones

Mobile telephones may only be used to make telephone calls outside of the clubhouse.  Use of the mobile phone as a silent electronic communication device, e.g. diary, texting and internet access, is permitted in the clubhouse.  The use of a mobile phone in the locker room is permitted, but members are asked to consider the sensitivities of others.  Players should not make or receive phone calls on the course except in exceptional circumstances.

Attire on the Course and Practice Ground

The etiquette and the rules of golf must be observed at all times. Players must have their own golf equipment. The sharing of golf clubs is not permitted.

Recognised golf attire (i.e. items that can normally be bought in any good golf shop), including golf shoes and socks, must be worn when playing.  Shirts should be tucked into trousers and the folding of trousers into socks is not permitted.  Smart tailored shorts are allowed but must be worn either with short white socks or knee length socks of any colour.  The wearing of denim is not permitted on the course.

Clubhouse, Lounge and Dining Room

Unless specified, the wearing of smart casual clothes and shoes is permitted at any time.  For club functions, a dress code may be specified for the occasion.

Attire in the Bar

Smart casual clothes and footwear should be worn in the bar.  Clothing that has become muddy due to course conditions, hats and waterproofs are not permitted.  Golf equipment is not permitted anywhere in the bar and the wearing of golf shoes beyond the designated area is not allowed.

Items of clothing not permitted 

The following articles of dress or footwear may not be worn on the course, practice ground or in any part of the clubhouse:

Tee shirts, shirts without collars, shirts bearing large logos or advertisements, football or rugby shirts; clothing or footwear obviously designed as beachwear (e.g. flip flops); track suits, jogging suits or other similarly designed leisurewear.  Any clothing or footwear which is distressed (ripped, torn or stained) is not permitted under any circumstances.

Players should not change shoes or other items of clothing in the car park, but use the changing facilities provided.

Our vistor code of conduct can be viewed here.

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