Grim's Dyke Golf Club



Why should I join a golf club when I can pay and play?

There are three main reasons:

Value for money

  • If you want to play regularly – say a regular Saturday or Sunday and Summer evenings - then Full membership is better value for money than pay and play.
  • If your weekends are busy but you want to play several times a week then a 5-day membership might suit you.
  • If you don’t have time to play regularly but would still like to maintain a handicap then we have a limited number of Lifestyle memberships and these would be the answer.

Handicaps and Competitions

  • One of the great things about golf is the handicap system which means that players of different abilities can compete with one another. It is one of the few sports where the family can play together. If you join then you will get an official handicap.
  • Most people that play a sport like an element of competition and to challenge themselves. As a member of a club there are many competitions that are open to you. All the sections play matches against other local clubs. Full and 5-day members have the opportunity to play these matches – this gives you the chance to play other courses without paying a Green fee.
  • 7-day members can also play in mixed competitions and matches against other clubs.
  • Grim’s Dyke members can use the range and practice facilities for free and lessons are available from our PGA qualified Professionals.

Social and Friendship

  • If you become a member you will meet many new friends, we are proud of our reputation as a friendly club, but if you play in matches you will also meet people from other clubs.
  • There are regular social events for members that are great fun and as a member you will be able to bring along your friends.
  • Golf is a very social sport and Grim’s Dyke is noted for its hospitality and quality of its catering.
  • There are rooms available for functions, such as birthdays, wedding receptions and these are free to hire for Grim's Dyke members.
  • Usually Grim's Dyke is unusual in that we don’t have a tee booking system. Apart from the “Major” competitions it’s just a matter of turning up and making up games. Both the men and ladies have roll ups. Unfortunately, whilst under the threat of Covid19, we run a booking system through IG.
  • The men meet on Saturday and Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon.
  • The Ladies meet at midday on Saturday and Sunday.

There are roll ups on Monday and Wednesday at 10.00 am where everyone is welcome.
There are roll ups for men at 8.00am and ladies at 9.15am on Tuesday and Thursday.
There are roll ups for men midweek at 12.00
It’s easy to get a game.

Signing in Guests

Whether it’s a colleague, a client or just a friend there’s a certain pleasure to be had in extending an invitation to come and play at Grim's Dyke Golf Club. That’s one of the great benefits of membership. Not to mention the fact that the favour will no doubt be returned.


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